Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yellow Fever!!!

We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine....

You see ah...I'm in a very very desperate attempt to revive my blog...

I'm actually putting up a 2nd post on the same day....(what to do got banyak time to kill at the airport)

MY statistics for this blog not very good...
2006 when i first started to blog - 3 posts
2007 i dunno what happened to me - 0 posts
2008 i suddenly got something to say - 3 posts
2009 so far up to date - 2 posts...(not including this one)

So what should I blog next?

Well letmme just show you all how i maintain my sanity...
By hanging out with my good friends of course...

The other day...last friday 29 August 2009...we all celebrated our beloved friend, Mr BONG and our Pilot friend Mr Tan's birthday...

The cool part about celebrating birthday with these group of friends of mine is, all birthday celebration is like a well planned or super gung-ho event...everyone is required to follow the dress code...we actually started this trend last year during Mr BONG's birthday in was a blast.....somemore winner of best dressed or most outstating would receive a present from the birthday boy/ the trend to dress up differently with special themes continued on for each birthday..

okok coming back to the topic

The theme for Mr BONG and Mr Pilot's brithday 2009 is...Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow and we are all required to bring old toys to show off!!

Enough from me let the pictures do the talking...

And and I need to give credit to the photographers tankiu ac & germ germ for the pictures....


I did all this with my work laptop sorry for the lousy job of cutting and pasting...i used paintbursh & powerpoint only ok....good or not?


This is my an attempt to revive my blog or blogging activities (which is currently in a very sad dead state aka graveyard blog) I shall try to post up more stuffs up here.
My sayang's name is germ germ. Look she recently had a haircut...
See she looks garang right?
Actually she is just like a durian...(which is one of my favourite fruit as well)
Tough and thorny on the outside but inside she is sweet and nice and kind...(also smells nice) Really lah looks can be deceiving..Wouldn't you agree more?

So Moral of the story is never judge a book by its cover...
I'm most guilty of doing this...

Most of my friends say of me

"You're very judgemental....very stubborn etc etc"

But the thing is, what you see is what you get lar isn't it?
Well this is one lesson I need to learn and am still learning as we continue on...

Please lar leave more comments on my blog so that I got more motivation to put up more posts.....and in no way do i think my sayang smells like a durian

before I go off let me leave you with a picture of my sayang no.2...(I've intended to write about him a loong time ago) the super jack, wacko jacko or more affectionately known as jack jack...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

7 Months Later

Hiya! All my fans and readers....whoever you are (reason why i put up this post is somebody commented that it is dead) 

Behold I'm ALIVE!!!!

I know I've been a bit lazy for the past few months....
7 months actually...tee hee

Yes I've started on a new job, new career blah blah blah...excitement has all but dwindled down...
Not very much on fire as when I first started....Kinda bad isn't it?
But the thing with human beans like us is we're all like that one lar...
I think each and everyone of us is generally moody one you ups and downs
If we were ever soooo consistent in our mood or whatever we do then we would end up as Robots...
Where would all the fun be then right? Those randomness are actually fun. I feel the same about stress too...if no stress no fun!
Those people out there who are super duper like consistent and non-moody people out there I respect you.

Or should we all strive for this type of perfection? hmmmmm?
What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: In no way I'm saying that you people out there are ROBOTS but really lar have a life. BTW this post is really really not directed to anyone in particular. Just a random thought of mine.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New New New

New Job
New Career
New Future
New Me

but but but No New post....

feeling a lil' bit lazy
The fact that I have like 19 days of no official work (Yes you read it correct 19 days!!) is a bad excuse for not putting up a post. How to be a blogger and have 20,000 hits/day like that if I never post anything!! hahahah wishful thinking!!

So far what has happened/what productive things have I done over this short holiday of mine?

Anyway I think I'm still in need of a holiday...

Didya know (this prompts me to start a didya know section) that it is extremely hard to start work after a loooong is as if the gears in the brain not working or cannot move... engine rosak or engine too need to restart or reheat the engine first only can run smoothly....thankfully we the peejay/selangor people got holiday on WEDNESDAY!!! nyek nyek!!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

I have finally decided to leave my present company (XYZ company) to venture into the unknown (ABC company)

Actually changing industry altogether also

Most of you should/would have heard all about it at Lieh Men's birthday party.

Unless ahem ahem your weren't there or having choir practise (you know who you are heheh)

I think I should be free enough to put up a post about the birthday later...very cool and fun event all because you all got a very good OC hahahah

Anyway back to my decision. See ah see ah changing company or getting a new job is a fun thing to do you know. Why fun?

(I actually know of this certain person who says that he likes to resign to the point that it is really addictive for him. Ain't that scary?)

Coz you get to meet new people get to learn new stuffs get to learn new culture but life won't be easy.

There will be many "what if's?"

"What if I can't blend?"
"What if I can't cope?"
"What if I can't perform?"
"What if they don't like me?"

Then hor...all this sounds too pessimistic...Don't sound like me right? I'm more optimistic than that right?

We shall see how things go lah...
Somebody wish me larrr!!!!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

I have decided to.................

I have finally made my decision...........

Stay tuned for more updates!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Decisions Decisions


Don't we all love to make decisions?
I'm at a point where I have to make a decision on a certain matter.

Sometimes when all seems monotonous making & taking decisions are the things that actually spice up our lives? Don't you agree?

Should I take left or right? Take the risk or not? Yes or No ? Invest or Save up?

Sometimes I feel that without decisions & stress (which is another subject all together) are the things that actually makes us feel alive/different.

Maybe in a way I'm always looking forward to decisions & stress which reminds me that I'm still human! Yes I'm a weird person but the trill & excitement is super Shiok man! Will keep you people updated...
So what is your take on this subject people?
btw I'm not getting married yet in case you're wandering!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shedding of Tears

First and foremost I think my limited & faithful readers of my blog, should deserve an explanation for the reason of my disappearance...(on my blog that is)

The last time I actually blogged was 2 years ago. I was so sad & devastated that I stopped blogging... No that wasn't it..

Main reason why I stopped was because there were some problems with my blogger account....If I'm not mistaken (somebody correct me if I'm wrong)Blogger/Blogspot was bought over by Google...These corporate take-over whatchacallit' and then har, then har they were suppose to transfer the account thing to Google...and there was where my account got screwed up...tak boleh jalan... I tried & tried to redo/reacess/restart blogging but to my avail no go, no show, no blog.... hence no updates....So when people asked me do you have a blog I said "Yup, sure I do who doesn't blog? (actually lotsa people don't) But my blog is sorta dead! You can look it up at http:.........."

So how did I restarted to blog?

Don't you find it weird that my post today has nothing to do with the title?

Hold your horses people...I'm coming to that in awhile it has been some time since I blogged so patient a bit..

I restarted to blog coz one day I was bored and so I tried to access into my account...Ta Dah! Managed to transfer properly & all green light....So that's how I did it!

And SO back to my title...Why shedding of Tears?

When was the last time you ever shed your tears? When was the last time you cried? Sobbed uncontrollably? Okay so I didn't really cried a million buckets of tears but the last time I remember crying manly 'ahem' tears was 2 years ago.. it was when my faithful beloved dog Matthew was like having a friend of 15 years suddenly vanished...I took him out day in day out rain or shine we played & laugh together..then suddenly he grew old & old and then his frail body could not take it anymore & he is gone....So my post today is a tribute to my doggie who died 2 years ago...

With Matthew I remembered my friends saying that they always see me walking my 'orange dog' At this point I would like to stress that his fur has a golden-ish shade...Not orange...

I still remember that afternoon when I shed my manly tears...All my siblings fault lah...sister in particular...if she didn't start then I would/could contain my reservoir of water...So emotional hor? Anyway it isn't wrong to cry...just that sometimes people/society perceive men who cry to be sissy...

Actually I remember clearly now the last time I officially shed manly tears wasn't 2 years ago but it was when I left my previous company...I remember walking out from the building & I controlled as much as possible (only 1-2 tears I counted)...walking down the road with this Mr Tee and I remember telling him that I would be better one day walking high & tall...that was a promise that I intend to keep..

Back to tears I recently made someone cried and this was how that some one felt

That's all from me! Kinda Long this post not very me!

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