Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New New New

New Job
New Career
New Future
New Me

but but but No New post....

feeling a lil' bit lazy
The fact that I have like 19 days of no official work (Yes you read it correct 19 days!!) is a bad excuse for not putting up a post. How to be a blogger and have 20,000 hits/day like that if I never post anything!! hahahah wishful thinking!!

So far what has happened/what productive things have I done over this short holiday of mine?

Anyway I think I'm still in need of a holiday...

Didya know (this prompts me to start a didya know section) that it is extremely hard to start work after a loooong is as if the gears in the brain not working or cannot move... engine rosak or engine too need to restart or reheat the engine first only can run smoothly....thankfully we the peejay/selangor people got holiday on WEDNESDAY!!! nyek nyek!!

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