Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

I have finally decided to leave my present company (XYZ company) to venture into the unknown (ABC company)

Actually changing industry altogether also

Most of you should/would have heard all about it at Lieh Men's birthday party.

Unless ahem ahem your weren't there or having choir practise (you know who you are heheh)

I think I should be free enough to put up a post about the birthday later...very cool and fun event all because you all got a very good OC hahahah

Anyway back to my decision. See ah see ah changing company or getting a new job is a fun thing to do you know. Why fun?

(I actually know of this certain person who says that he likes to resign to the point that it is really addictive for him. Ain't that scary?)

Coz you get to meet new people get to learn new stuffs get to learn new culture but life won't be easy.

There will be many "what if's?"

"What if I can't blend?"
"What if I can't cope?"
"What if I can't perform?"
"What if they don't like me?"

Then hor...all this sounds too pessimistic...Don't sound like me right? I'm more optimistic than that right?

We shall see how things go lah...
Somebody wish me larrr!!!!

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Soon you also will be addicted to job-jumping.
All the best...don't forget you need to belanja us! Hahaha...
har need to belanja somemore? plain water will do!! hahah
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