Thursday, September 03, 2009

Yellow Fever!!!

We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine....

You see ah...I'm in a very very desperate attempt to revive my blog...

I'm actually putting up a 2nd post on the same day....(what to do got banyak time to kill at the airport)

MY statistics for this blog not very good...
2006 when i first started to blog - 3 posts
2007 i dunno what happened to me - 0 posts
2008 i suddenly got something to say - 3 posts
2009 so far up to date - 2 posts...(not including this one)

So what should I blog next?

Well letmme just show you all how i maintain my sanity...
By hanging out with my good friends of course...

The other day...last friday 29 August 2009...we all celebrated our beloved friend, Mr BONG and our Pilot friend Mr Tan's birthday...

The cool part about celebrating birthday with these group of friends of mine is, all birthday celebration is like a well planned or super gung-ho event...everyone is required to follow the dress code...we actually started this trend last year during Mr BONG's birthday in was a blast.....somemore winner of best dressed or most outstating would receive a present from the birthday boy/ the trend to dress up differently with special themes continued on for each birthday..

okok coming back to the topic

The theme for Mr BONG and Mr Pilot's brithday 2009 is...Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow and we are all required to bring old toys to show off!!

Enough from me let the pictures do the talking...

And and I need to give credit to the photographers tankiu ac & germ germ for the pictures....


I did all this with my work laptop sorry for the lousy job of cutting and pasting...i used paintbursh & powerpoint only ok....good or not?

Goes to show you don't need Picasa. ;) Use Paint for what, by the way?
paint to resize and crop
tera leh???
Oh we think we know how you did it already! Picasa kan lebih senang? :P
I guess he did the photo collage in Paint too..hehe
er... what is with the digi get together la.
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