Thursday, September 03, 2009


This is my an attempt to revive my blog or blogging activities (which is currently in a very sad dead state aka graveyard blog) I shall try to post up more stuffs up here.
My sayang's name is germ germ. Look she recently had a haircut...
See she looks garang right?
Actually she is just like a durian...(which is one of my favourite fruit as well)
Tough and thorny on the outside but inside she is sweet and nice and kind...(also smells nice) Really lah looks can be deceiving..Wouldn't you agree more?

So Moral of the story is never judge a book by its cover...
I'm most guilty of doing this...

Most of my friends say of me

"You're very judgemental....very stubborn etc etc"

But the thing is, what you see is what you get lar isn't it?
Well this is one lesson I need to learn and am still learning as we continue on...

Please lar leave more comments on my blog so that I got more motivation to put up more posts.....and in no way do i think my sayang smells like a durian

before I go off let me leave you with a picture of my sayang no.2...(I've intended to write about him a loong time ago) the super jack, wacko jacko or more affectionately known as jack jack...

i'm speechless,thot u'll write sumthing sweet abt me, manatau i ended up being a durian!

So u better watch out, dun mk me angry else, i shall release the 'durianness' in me and attack u with my many many thorn...haha =p
I can't believe that you compared your darling to durian O_o *lolz
But i love durian..
and durian is a figure of speech...
Erm..Whatever rocks your boat I guess ;) As long as your sayang don't mind! hahaha

way the go dude....

or i guess.....
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