Saturday, April 25, 2009

7 Months Later

Hiya! All my fans and readers....whoever you are (reason why i put up this post is somebody commented that it is dead) 

Behold I'm ALIVE!!!!

I know I've been a bit lazy for the past few months....
7 months actually...tee hee

Yes I've started on a new job, new career blah blah blah...excitement has all but dwindled down...
Not very much on fire as when I first started....Kinda bad isn't it?
But the thing with human beans like us is we're all like that one lar...
I think each and everyone of us is generally moody one you ups and downs
If we were ever soooo consistent in our mood or whatever we do then we would end up as Robots...
Where would all the fun be then right? Those randomness are actually fun. I feel the same about stress too...if no stress no fun!
Those people out there who are super duper like consistent and non-moody people out there I respect you.

Or should we all strive for this type of perfection? hmmmmm?
What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: In no way I'm saying that you people out there are ROBOTS but really lar have a life. BTW this post is really really not directed to anyone in particular. Just a random thought of mine.


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