Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shedding of Tears

First and foremost I think my limited & faithful readers of my blog, should deserve an explanation for the reason of my disappearance...(on my blog that is)

The last time I actually blogged was 2 years ago. I was so sad & devastated that I stopped blogging... No that wasn't it..

Main reason why I stopped was because there were some problems with my blogger account....If I'm not mistaken (somebody correct me if I'm wrong)Blogger/Blogspot was bought over by Google...These corporate take-over whatchacallit' and then har, then har they were suppose to transfer the account thing to Google...and there was where my account got screwed up...tak boleh jalan... I tried & tried to redo/reacess/restart blogging but to my avail no go, no show, no blog.... hence no updates....So when people asked me do you have a blog I said "Yup, sure I do who doesn't blog? (actually lotsa people don't) But my blog is sorta dead! You can look it up at http:.........."

So how did I restarted to blog?

Don't you find it weird that my post today has nothing to do with the title?

Hold your horses people...I'm coming to that in awhile it has been some time since I blogged so patient a bit..

I restarted to blog coz one day I was bored and so I tried to access into my account...Ta Dah! Managed to transfer properly & all green light....So that's how I did it!

And SO back to my title...Why shedding of Tears?

When was the last time you ever shed your tears? When was the last time you cried? Sobbed uncontrollably? Okay so I didn't really cried a million buckets of tears but the last time I remember crying manly 'ahem' tears was 2 years ago.. it was when my faithful beloved dog Matthew was like having a friend of 15 years suddenly vanished...I took him out day in day out rain or shine we played & laugh together..then suddenly he grew old & old and then his frail body could not take it anymore & he is gone....So my post today is a tribute to my doggie who died 2 years ago...

With Matthew I remembered my friends saying that they always see me walking my 'orange dog' At this point I would like to stress that his fur has a golden-ish shade...Not orange...

I still remember that afternoon when I shed my manly tears...All my siblings fault lah...sister in particular...if she didn't start then I would/could contain my reservoir of water...So emotional hor? Anyway it isn't wrong to cry...just that sometimes people/society perceive men who cry to be sissy...

Actually I remember clearly now the last time I officially shed manly tears wasn't 2 years ago but it was when I left my previous company...I remember walking out from the building & I controlled as much as possible (only 1-2 tears I counted)...walking down the road with this Mr Tee and I remember telling him that I would be better one day walking high & tall...that was a promise that I intend to keep..

Back to tears I recently made someone cried and this was how that some one felt

That's all from me! Kinda Long this post not very me!

Feels a bit like we're in cell group listening to testimony. :P Sure you didn't use this in your youth group (sans scripture)?
hahahah this is not a testimony...
if it were then it would sound like this
"Hi I'm Aaron, I'm an alcholic!"
And everyone says "Hi Aaron!"
poor teddy~
hello!!! welcome back to your blog :)
So who did you make cry?? ;)
Thought your first manly tears was back in college over know who.
hmmm so emo one r u?
as u can see
i am really "busy" with work... but still mananged to take time to crap at ur blog...

people update blogs on a daily basis
i guess u r doing it on yearly basis lo....
I think a guy is sexy if he cry/tears. Make him more human actually. Especially if he cry becos of me. LOL
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